Mar 24, 2011

The Journey is one year old!!

It's March 24th, which is my birthday & the one year anniversary of the beginning of the Journey. If you are just now joining us on the story of the Journey, you can start here and read forward.

As I stated when I started blogging the Journey, my immediate goal was to be back at the 331 pound mark for today. That'll mark 40 pounds lost and put me back where I was when I lost momentum 6 months ago. So, did I make it?

I don't know... I'm doing this blog post the night before. I could do it in the morning, but I don't function too well in the morning. And it's hard enough to get up to be at work on time at 7am. But, I will do a quick update to let you know if I made it or not.

Obviously one of two things will happen. Either I'll make or I won't. It's really out of my hands at this point. Well, it is as long as I don't eat a bunch of junk before I go to bed tonight. The question isn't what the scale is going to say tomorrow; the question is how am I going to react.

If I make the goal, I'm going to be pretty excited. Reaching a goal always feels good. Reaching a goal you've been working hard at feels even better. If I don't make the goal, life goes on. I'm not going to drop into a depression or anything. Life isn't about the failures, but how you respond to the failures.

Either way though, I'm not backing off of the Journey. In fact, hitting 331 might be more dangerous than not. Sometime when we see a short term success, we forget the long term goals and back off of our intensity. As great as hitting 331 would be, I have a goal to hit 325 by April 21st. And by Memorial Day I want to be at 310. Those are some big loses. I'm going to have to keep after it if I'm going to make it.

So, we'll see you in the morning with the update...

****Morning update: Here's what the scale said:

That's close enough for me.


Ashley K said...

Way to go Todd!! Keep up the hard work. So proud of you and Christy both.

Norman Lindsay said...

Yep, rounding puts it right on the mark! That is great. Leadership writers say learning to celebrate the small successes make it much more likely we will achieve the big success we are ultimately striving for. So, keep up the great work! I am proud of you.

Darlene said...

way to go Todd!! what an awesome birthday present to give yourself! Continue to push ahead! thats a huge accomplishment.

Danielle said...

Great job! You are doing awesome!

tbbotts said...

Hi Todd,
Congratulations on achieving your goal! You can feel pretty good about your acomplishment. Good luck in achieving your next milestone. You obviously have a group of people cheering you on.Keep at buddy.