Mar 22, 2011

What to do when the Journey isn't successful...

I'd love to sit here & tell you that the Journey is nothing but success & sunshine & butterflies & unicorns pooping Skittles. But that is just not the truth. The reality is sometimes you don't see the results that you are working so hard for.

Need an example? Take a look at how March went for me:

(click on picture to see it full size)

March 24th will be the one year anniversary of the launching of the Journey. My immediate goal was to be at 331 pounds by that point. And I was well on my way. On the 18th I was just a couple of pounds away. The orange diagonal line shows what my average weight lose rate would need to be to hit the goal.

On the 19th I went up a pound. I wasn't too worried, because you'll see that there was some up and down. But then on the 20th I was still at 333 pounds. And then on the 21st I went up another pound. Then today, the 22nd I went up another pound to 335. 

I'm still working out. I'm still not drinking soda or over indulging on junk food. There's not obvious reason for the loss of progress.

Why am I sharing this? Maybe you are on your own Journey... And maybe you've hit a wall. It's tempting to give up. It's very discouraging. It makes all your effort up to this point seem worthless. I know how you feel... I'm there right now.

But I (and you) really have two choices. Either we give up, or we go on. And I'm not giving up. And neither should you. Let's get about the business of going on.


Darlene said...

you are working out and muscle weights more than fat....hence the weight gain! keep up the good work Todd!

tbbotts said...

I agree with Darlene, Todd. Don't get discouraged. You're making progress and eventually you'll reach your goal if you don't give up. I need you to be successful so I have something to shoot for. Keep going buddy. You can do it!