Jan 27, 2015

Another Sunset at the Palmer Hay Flats Post

Alaska is always beautiful, but sometimes it's extra-beautiful. The other night was one of those times..

Jan 25, 2015

Bible Behind Bars - An Update

In case you missed my previous post (you can read it here...), I put out a call for people to donate bibles for inmates at Goose Creek Correctional Center. I was hoping for 30, maybe 40 bibles to come through.
The final count: 288. Yeah, you read that right. Two hundred and eighty eight bibles. The smallest donation was one bible, the biggest donation was 80 bibles.
I personally think that's pretty awesome. And I want to say a big THANK YOU to all who donated. And the inmates wanted me to pass on their thanks. When I told the story to my Friday night God Behind Bars guys, it really touched them. Being in jail, it's easy to feel like the world has forgotten you. This showed them that people still care, and more importantly; God still cares about them.
Oh, and if you are wondering what 288 bibles look like, it's something like this: