May 28, 2007

Oops, almost forgot...

I almost forgot about the Shoe Outreach that happened last week. It's one of the funnest events we do. There is a neighborhood here in Wasilla that our church has adopted, and every year in the spring we buy shoes for all the children. We pick them up on a Sunday and bring them to the church for a great Children's Church. Then we feed them lunch and take them to Payless Shoes, where they get to pick out a new pair of shoes. It's so awesome to see how excited they are!
You can view the pictures here...
In addition to the shoes, we do complete Thanksgiving Dinners, a Candy Blast, free coats, and Christmas gifts. Before we started, the State Troopers tell us that they would receive 3-5 calls a night. After three years of showing God's love, the Troopers tell us they only receive 2 to 3 calls a week.
If every church in America would pick an area, and show God's love to the people, we would live in a very different world!

Been awhile...

It's been a little while since I've blogged... And it's not because nothing is going on, but because there has been so much going on... Spent a week in Florida on Pastoral Vision Summit. The first day I lost my glasses in the ocean, the second day I got sun burnt beyond belief. My shoulders are still sensitive and itchy. Oh, and before that, the screen on my laptop fried, so I had to get a new laptop. I'm still trying to get everything set up the way I had it on the old one.
After Florida, I was home 6 days and then left with the Master's Commission to Southeast Alaska. We drove 16 hours to Haines, spent 2 days there, and then took a 28 ferry ride to Petersburg. I was there 2 days, and then handed the team off to Pastor Nathan. I had such an awesome time with the Masters. They are an incredible group of young people. And it looks like we'll have over 20 students for next year!!
Christy is still very busy at work. We spent the whole weekend trying to fix computers. Her grandfather's health took a turn for the worse, and he is in the hospital. The doctors don't figure that he'll make it to the end of the week. We are going in tomorrow night to visit him.
Well, it's late, and I'm tired... Have a good week!

May 4, 2007

Great Quote

I just read this quote on Steve Furtick's blog:
“You can tell what God is about to build in your life by the equipment He brings around you”?

So, what is God building at my church?

May 3, 2007

An update from our Summit...

We are still on our Summit. It's been pretty intense... We've been meeting almost non-stop, talking about the church, and mapping out the future. We can see that we are weak in the area of discipleship and equipping believers for real ministry. One of the reasons we are here is to connect with a church that has an incredible program. They have given us a ton of time and material and have been a real blessing to us.
We came to Florida because it was the cheapest way to go. We had enough air miles for the tickects and Pastor Ed has a hook up at a hotel in Vero Beach.
The first day we were here we took a quick dip in the ocean, and my glasses got knocked off and were gone... The quickest way to see again was to go to Wal-Mart and get contacts. I haven't worn contacts in about 13 years.
The second day we did our talking in the ocean, and was in there for about 3 hours. Too bad I have the worlds fairest skin, and got sun burnt like crazy!! Right now it's in it's blister stage, and my back and shoulders are covered in them. I am in mass pain...
Yes, I am an idiot.