Apr 25, 2014

Servant or Slave?

This applies to so many things in life: marriage, jobs, relationships, getting healthy, etc. 

I got this from John Bevere's Bait of Satan curriculum and thought it was pretty good. 

A slave: has to. 
A servant: gets to. 

A slave: does the required minimum. 
A servant: does the maximum potential. 

A slave: forced to go 1 mile. 
A servant: choses to go 2 miles. 
(Matthew 5:41)

A slave: feels robbed. 
A servant: gives freely. 

A slave: fights for his rights. 
A servant: lays down his rights for the sake of others. 

Apr 13, 2014

Card tricks & Jesus....

When we think about "God-given talents" we usually think about singing or maybe preaching. In more recent years the church has begun to recognize more & more of the arts as being something that we can use to proclaim Christ to the world.
But what about card tricks? What some people might call magic tricks, what other might call slight of hand. Could God use that? Give this video clip a watch. It's from Central Christian Church in Henderson, Nevada. They partner with God Behind Bars to provide the video service that we use at Goose Creek Correctional Center on Friday nights. This clip is from this weeks service:

The young man is Josh Flom. You can check out his stuff here... He's got some good tricks. Give it a watch.