Dec 11, 2014

Bibles Behind Bars

Last Sunday morning, I was covering the God Behind Bars service for the pre-trial/unsentenced inmates at Goose Creek Correctional Center. Normally I'm just at the Friday night God Behind Bars, which is a service for the inmates in the general population mods. But the regular Sunday morning volunteer was sick, so I made the trip out.
After service, an inmate came up to me looking for a bible in the NLT version. Each service, we usually have some bibles and devotional books available for the guys. We had a few bibles on hand, but no NLT's. The guys in the pre-trial/unsentenced mods come in with nothing and generally have nothing. So these bibles and books are a big key in ministering to the inmates.
So on the drive home, I got to thinkin'... Surely there has to be some cheap bibles on Amazon... And orders over $35 have free shipping. When I got home, sure enough; I found an NLT bible for just $3.47! Cheap, right?
So then I had a thought... It's Christmas season. People are ordering gifts on Amazon. What's an other couple of bucks? For less than the price of a foo-foo coffee, people could add a bible onto their order. So I threw the challenge out on Facebook. I was hoping to maybe get a dozen or so bibles. And right away, I had a few people step up and buy some.
But then someone posted a link to an offer on the CBD website. They had a case of 32 bibles for just $55. Next thing I know, I've got people ordering CASES of bibles. At last count I've got about 150 bibles on the way.
And as awesome as that is, there's 1,400 inmates at Goose Creek. And sure, there's a couple of hundred of them that already have bibles... But there's lots that don't. So I'm going to throw it out there again. If you are ordering from Amazon and want to tack a bible on, or if you want to go big and order a bunch; I'll take 'em!
Here's the Amazon link for the NLT. And here's the link for a the case of bibles from CBD.
To keep with institutional policy, the bibles need to be new,  in their original packaging, with nothing written in them.
If you need my mailing address or if you need to meet up to hand off some bibles, just shoot me an email. I know not everyone that reads this is going to do it, but I'm thankful for those of you who will. Bottom line, 94% of everyone inmate in prison today will eventually be released. Do you want them coming back out like they went in, or should we make an effort to help them become the man God created them to be?

Update: and just like that, the first two bibles have shown up. Perfect timing, since I'm on my way out to the prison for the Friday night service!

Another Update:
After stopping by the Post Office this morning, I'm up to 94 bibles... Yay God and thanks to all who have bought!