Mar 5, 2011

June was a good month for the Journey

If you are just now joining us in the story of the Journey, go back the first post and read forward from there...

So, as we saw in the last post, I made some progress initially, but then stalled out in May. And I was glad I was no longer gaining weight, but the goal was to get back down to a healthy weight... And if I was giving up the soda that I so dearly loved, it needed to count for something!

So here's what June looked like:

(click on image to see all of it...)
Finally... Some progress!! But it didn't just happen. There was more going into now than just not drinking soda...

The wife & I enjoy an activity called Geocaching. It's pretty much a high tech scavenger hunt using a GPS. It's a great activity that everyone can enjoy. Some of the caches are real easy to reach and others require some hiking & walking to get to. We've been doing it since... 2004 I think... And for the most part we'd go after ones that didn't require too much walking to get to. But in late May/early June we discovered a great network of trails between Palmer & Wasilla called the Mat-Su Greenbelt Trails. And so we begin to walk & hike these trails in the evenings and on the weekends to find geocaches. We did quite a bit of walking that month!

I also begin to watch my diet a little better and increased my fiber intake. Fiber helps to prevent the absorption of fat & sugars in the intestines. I still wasn't eating super healthy though...

And I'm still not. I'm a SUPER picky eater. I don't eat vegetables or fruit. I don't like cheese, or tomatoes or pasta or soups or fish. So yeah, all the stuff that I should be eating; I don't. Obviously that is going to work against me... But I still believe this is possible. It will happen!

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