Aug 3, 2010

What is it going to take?

The sad truth is out there. Christianity in American culture is in decline. We are no longer a Christian society in this country. Yes, the Christian faith may have been the foundation, but today it is viewed at best as old fashion and irrelevant and at worst extremist and dangerous.
So, what is it going to take to see a change?
Will more good preaching help? My iPod is FULL of great sermons from great preachers. In decades past to hear a particular preacher you either had to wait for them to come to your area or you had to travel to them. But not today. You can watch them on TV, hear them on the radio, podcast them, listen to them over the internet or order their CD's & DVD's. We have unprecedented access to as much preaching as we want to hear. But, is that making a change in our nation?
What about more Christian books? Growing up in remote logging camps meant I had no access to Christian bookstores. When we would go into town, I would always make a stop at the local bookstore to load up. Today, through the convenience of the internet almost every Christian title is available. And there are more Christian books out there than ever before. Everyone has written their book. Every subject is covered in depth. And look at your own collection. How many books do you have? But, is that making a change in our nation?
What about good worship music? I remember in the '90's when a new Vineyard album would come ou, we would kill ourselves getting to the Christian bookstore trying to get it. Now iTunes is overflowing with great, inspired, anointed worship music. And there's more songs being added all the time. And it's great stuff. But, is that making a change in our nation?
What about more church services? Church calendars are packed with activities for all ages and interests. Or more conferences? Or more Christian magazines. Or more Christian T-Shirts. Or more bumper stickers that inform the heathens that in case of rapture this car will empty. Will all this make the change we need to see in our nation?
What is it going to take?