Apr 14, 2012

Best. Icecream. EVER!

If you are going to eat ice cream, it may as well be good! And what's better than homemade ice cream? But if you don't have an ice cream maker, then you are stuck with the store stuff. Until now... (I'm beginning to sound like an infomercial...)
Give this video a view:

It's really just that simple... My freezer took about two days to get the brine packs good & frozen. But once you have them, they are reusable. Just keep them in the freezer for a quick ice cream fix anytime.

Oh, and here's the link the for the recipe with the quantities of your ingredients. And in case the embedded video gives you issues, here's the link for it too...

A few tips: I put a towel under my first ice bag and then over the stack and kinda wrapped it up to help insulate it. Also, make sure and get as much air out of the ice cream bags as possible.  I ate some of the ice cream right away and then snacked on it for the next few days. It kept well in the freezer but I wouldn't leave it too long.

If you want more than what the recipe makes, I would do multiple batches rather than doubling up the recipe. I think a thicker layer of mixture would take too long to freeze.