Mar 4, 2011

What are the results of the Journey?

Well, in one sense, the results are incomplete... The Journey continues even this day with no end in sight.

But let me give you an idea of how the Journey has progressed thus far.

As I said, I haven't had a soda in almost a year. But the big goal is to lose some tonnage off of my rotund frame. I knew that I would need to track this carefully. It's been said that goals without a plan are just a dream.

I coordinate a personal finance class and we teach people that the first step of getting a handle on your finances is write out how much you owe, how much you make, and how much your monthly bills are. And then for each paycheck have a written game plan for each dollar. The principle is that if you don't track this stuff, dollars will seem to float away. It's like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall...

So, with my weight, I needed to track it. I started at 371 pounds. Pretty hefty, huh? That's about twice as much as I should weigh. But it is what it is. I didn't let it discourage me. If anything I let it motivate me a little bit. You can whine & moan about the mountain in front of you, or you can man up and climb it. So I started climbing...

Below is what the first month looked like:

(click on image to see all of it...)

So I started off good... And then I flat lined a little and even gained again. But in the first five weeks I lost 10 pounds. I know... On the Biggest Loser, they lose that in a week or less. But at this point  I wasn't really exercising at all. And I wasn't working too hard to watch my calories either.

So, then onto the second month:

(click on image to see all of it...)

So May was nothing to brag about... But, I should point out that at least I wasn't gaining weight anymore... But if I was going to start losing weight I was going to have step up my game...

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