Mar 8, 2011

The Journey in September

If you are just now joining our story, take a moment to start at the beginning and read forward.

So, here is what September looked like:

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There's a couple of things going on here. Good & bad.

The good: I hit 331. Twice. That's the 40 pound mark. That was pretty exciting milestone for me. And I did in less than 6 months.

The bad: A few days later I ticked back up to 335. And then I dropped back down. And then I stopped keeping track. And for some reason I stopped keeping track for about a month. And I lost ground by not paying attention to what happen. Take a look at October:

(click on image to see all of it...)

Don't ask me what I was thinking... Looking back it was stupid to let it happen. I worked so hard for so long; and then because I slacked off I stopped making progress and even started losing ground. Yes, it was only a few pounds that I went back up, but the point was to lose weight, not gain.

I still wasn't drinking soda. But I wasn't getting as much exercise as was during the summer. Things at Christy's work got really busy and so we weren't getting out in the evenings. We've got a treadmill in the garage, but for whatever reason I wasn't using it. And as bad as things were looking, it can always get worse. And it does...

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Darlene said...

i think this is awesome to post your journey;;;;its inspired me to do my own!