Aug 5, 2014

More Hoonah...

The other day the sister-in-law was in my old stompin' grounds at Hoonah and took a bunch of pictures for me. I've already posted some of them here, and here's the rest. You can click on the image to see a larger version
The Presbyterian Church. It's been there since the '20s if I remember right...

The school with the pool and the new gym they built after I left.

L. Kane Store. It's been around forever...

I'm pretty sure this is the house that my best friend in the 8th grade lived in.

Aug 1, 2014

A Far North Oasis

I came across this article written by a local pastor who ministers out at Goose Creek Correctional Center.


Pastor Guisinger has been doing prison ministry for decades and has been ministering at Goose Creek since the doors opened. He also pastors a great local church and is involved in community wide outreaches.

Some highlights from the article:

"As the Goose Creek population began to increase, so did attendance at our services. The small area designated by the administration for a “chapel” was fast becoming overcrowded. We mentioned to a shift sergeant that at the rate of growth we were experiencing, we would have to soon move into the gymnasium. “That ain’t going to happen,” he replied. Two weeks later it did. Services are now held on Friday and Sunday nights as well. God has a plan!"

"This fledgling church has its own team of greeters, ushers and service leaders and has developed an outstanding praise and worship team that continues to expand its abilities."

"Christ is raising up a thriving church in the middle of a spiritually dark place. The Christians’ testimonies are being lived out in front of other inmates, and it is having a life-changing effect. The weekly inmate-driven praise/worship/Bible study hour has already quickly outgrown the existing chapel area. Inmates are waiting in line to give their personal testimonies."