Apr 4, 2011

Back to the Journey

It's been more then a few days since my last post... I've fallen into the trap that sometimes catches bloggers... We'll have a theme we are excited about, so we do a plethora of posts in a short time. But then we lose steam, or we get burnt out and then stop posting altogether.

Jon Acuff, the master blogger, had a post a little while back on a better strategy. So, with that in mind, my new strategy is two posts a week, sometimes 3. I'm going to try and have a post up each Monday and Friday. If there's a bonus post, it'll be on a Wednesday or the weekend.

And, again, thanks for reading this. And thanks to those of you who have been giving me feedback. I appreciate it.

So, for today's post, an update on the Journey is due. The last time I posted, it was my birthday and I had hit my goal of 331. After that I hit 330 on a couple of days, but also had a couple of days where I went back up to 332. I'm still hitting the gym four to six days a week. On Saturday's Christy and I have joined friends and went for a walk/hike/geocaching adventure.

Here's what the last part of March looked like:

The first few days of April, I've been on a consistent losing streak:
And this illustrates a point about the Journey. Sometimes you lose ground, sometimes you plateau and sometimes you have some great progress. The thing to remember is that it's a marathon, not a sprint. You have to look at the overall picture, not just one day. And even though I lost a pound a day for three days in a row, I know that could mean there's a plateau ahead. Which means when the plateau comes, I can't get discouraged. The Journey is not about short term gains, but about long term life change.

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