Mar 17, 2011

Every Journey needs some help...

Journeys are not traveled in a bubble... Almost any Journey is going to involve others. God has placed people around you to encourage you and motivate you. I want to take this blog post to say thank you to some of the people God has placed in my Journey.

First & foremost is my incredible wife. Christy has been amazing through this whole process. She's been supportive and encouraging. Part of the reason I didn't tell her when I first stopped drinking soda was because I knew she'd hold me to that commitment. There would be no cheating allowed. And there was times when if it wasn't for her holding me accountable I would've caved.

Now that we are working out, she's continued encouraging me to push it hard even when I don't feel like it. And she's on her own Journey and working a lot harder at it than I am. We both are trying to get to the gym as much as possible, and we have very different schedules. So for right now, the Journey means we see a lot less of each other. And while that's been hard, Christy has been very understanding.

As I've blogged this Journey, there have been those who have commented here & on facebook. That helps. It's encouraging, and it makes me accountable to a wider community. So, feel free to leave a comment. Let me know about your Journey. There is also those who have offered to help with diet plans and work out tips. And even if I haven't taken you up on your offer, I still appreciate it.

I have to mention my sister in law Kerry & her husband Nathaniel. They are the ones that hooked us up with a week pass to the Alaska Club before we joined. And since then they have helped push & support us in the Journey.

I'm sure there are others that I haven't mentioned... My brain is starting to shut down for the evening... Yesterday I pushed it pretty good at the gym. I did some weights with my upper body, an hour of cardio on the elliptical and then 30 minutes of swimming laps. It wiped me out. Today I was doing the elliptical and when I went to push it for a sprint, my legs simply would not go any faster...

Just as an update: This morning (the 16th, there is a day delay on the posts...) I was at 333 pounds. By the 24th I want to be at the 331 mark. That'll be 40 pounds lost so far and have me back down where I was when I started losing ground 6 months ago. By April 24, I want to be at 325.

And, if you are just now joining us for the Journey, go back to the first post and read forward for the full story so far...

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Sondra said...

Hey Staffords! This is for you and you wife both: I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! I have lost 23 lbs since november (took Feb. off do to sickness) has been a slow process for me because I workout at home. It is so encouraging to read your blog, it helps me stay motivated. Here is something else that is helping me with my sugar cravings:
It breaks down to $4/day and keeps my tummy happy for about 3 hrs...just in time for a snack. It really is amazing stuff. I look forward to keeping in touch on our journey's. Blessings, Sondra