Apr 9, 2007

My passion

In an attempt to be a better blogger, I've been reading some how to's. The biggest suggestion was to blog about what you are passionate about. The ironic thing is that I'm pretty sure that no one is even reading these. I'm only doing these because I hope some day to author a book, and I believe blogging will help me get practice in organizing my thoughts.
So, my passions... #1 is my relationship with God. I have a theory. We've all read the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. One of the way some people primarily show and express love is through acts of service. That is my love language, and how I show my love to God. It's not working to saved, but working because I'm saved.
#2 is my wife. She's an incredible woman, who loves me very much. I'm not sure why... She works her butt off every day so that I can pursue my third passion
#3 Being in the ministry. It's what I'm called to do, it's who I am.
#4 Geocaching. If you've done it, you understand.
#5 Family. I'm surrounded by incredible family members.
#6 Alaska. If you've been here, you understand.

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ORStafford said...

just found out you had a blog. I am enjoying read and just found out your sermons and others are there. Dad & I are excited to listen to them. Not being close to hear you, it is good for us to be able to listen. Plan some good geocaching for us in July!