Apr 20, 2007

Luke 9.28-36

I realize I've been a little all over the map on topics covered in this blog. I'm just amazed that I'm doing it at all... Self-discipline is not my strong suit...
I was just reading about the transfiguration in Luke 9 and had some thoughts. Verse 32 says that Peter and his companions were very sleepy. I ask myself, how often have I been in the midst of a divine, supernatural moment and miss it because I'm not paying attention?
Verse 33 says that it was as Moses and Elijah were leaving that Peter spoke up and offered to make 3 shelters. It would be easy to guess that he didn't want this incredible thing to end. He wanted to "camp" in this moment. How often have I been tempted to park at a particular spot because it was a great place to be? But, obviously, the plan was to move forward. There was a work to be done. The next day, Jesus brought freedom to a little boy who was tormented. If he'd been on the mountain still, roasting marshmallows and singing Kumbaya, this chance to show the Father's love would have been missed. There are times on the mountain in the glory, and there's time to take that to the people, so they may know the Father.

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