Apr 5, 2007

Am I Newsworthy?

I was just reading in Romans, Chapter 1, verse 8, where Paul is saying that he thanks God for these believers in Rome because "your faith is being reported all over the world. (NIV)"
Whatever it was that this church, this group of believers was doing was being reported and spoken about throughout the whole world! Was is their love for each other, or miracles, or their stand for righteousness in corrupt world? Was it healings, demonstrations of the Spirit's power or good works? It had to be something real and tangible, something that people could see.
In our world today, if a Hollywood star or politician sneezes it makes the headlines at cnn.com. We have an overwhelming amount of real time news at our command. Now compare that to the world Paul lived in, where a simple journey could take days, weeks, months. And yet, in that "primitive" society, the church was being spoken about around the world.
This forces me to look at two questions:
1. Is there anything in my life of faith that can be seen? Is there any tangible, quantifiable results of the hope I profess?
2. Are those results newsworthy? Jesus "made headlines." In Acts 17.6, Paul & Silas' activities were known. Is there anything in my life, am I doing anything with this salvation I have received that is worth reporting?
2 Corinthians 6.1 tells us not to receive God's grace in vain. The word vain there means empty. Is there anything to my life, or is just empty?
God, I desire to live a life that will make headlines "for your name's sake. (Rom 1.5)"

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