Oct 1, 2009

House pictures from the last couple of days are up...

The roofing is complete, the duct work is part way done. The electrician will be in there by early next week with the plumber to follow. Tomorrow we have to pick out our exterior color. Saturday we pick out our lighting fixtures.
We have to time when we lock in our interest rate. We can't lock any earlier than 30 days prior to closing. We don't know when closing is, because it depends on when the house is complete. Right now the rate is 4.875. That's down from 5.000 on Monday. Next week the Fed is auctioning off a bunch of Treasury Bonds, and their rates will affect mortgage rates. So, if we lock now and it's more than 30 days before the house is done, we have to pay to extend the rate. If we wait the rates could move, up or down.


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