Oct 8, 2009

House Update 10-8-09

Progress continues on "casa del norte de Stafford." The electrician and plumbers appear to have completed most of the rough in. All the interior framing is done. The driveway is paved. They are hoping to get it painted this week, but the exterior lap board still needs to be put on the front. We spent most of last weekend picking out our lighting fixtures. Due to a mix up, we had to re-pick out our appliances, but luckily what we wanted was still in stock.
Our realtor, Dody, continues to be the best decision we ever made in the house buying process. I use to say that you didn't really need a realtor for buying a home, but I was wrong. It's great to have someone in your corner, especially if its your first time.
We locked in the interest rate this week at 4.875%. It's a bit of gamble... You want to lock in when rates are low, but if you do it too soon, you have to pay to extend it if it goes past 30 days.
We really need to be packing and getting ready to move, but it's been hard to get motivated. Maybe we'll just leave it all and buy new stuff...



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