Oct 2, 2009

If you follow my Twitter or Facebook account, you saw that today was a steady stream of Random Robot Thoughts from Zinger Sandwich.

Now, for your reading pleasure is a summary of the posts, with a bonus story from Reuben on Robot Lie Detectors…

  • Just because your robot is good at washing dishes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let him try some other tasks every once it a while.
  • For robots, getting caught in the rain is much more tragic than it is romantic. 
  • When your robot is fully charged, don’t worry about unplugging him right away. It’ll stop charging automatically.
  • If your robot gets expelled for cheating, and you can’t afford private school, it’s ok. Most robots don’t need to go to school anyway.
  • If your robot starts making more money than you do, it’s ok to steal that money. After all…your robot.
  • If your robot becomes paralyzed, don’t just get him a wheelchair. Try fixing him first.
  • If robots could smile, I think we’d all be a little more open to letting them teach our children.
  • A good way to know that your robot has turned evil is to look and see if its eyes are glowing red.
  • If you ever get in an argument with a robot, just flip its switch. They probably put it somewhere on the back.

Robot Lie Detector:
"So a man buys a robot from a street vendor. The vendor tells him it is a lie detector robot and that every time someone lies it will punch you according the severeness of the lie. The man is overjoyed and takes it home. Upon seeing his son arrive late home from school, he tells his son to tell the robot what he did. He tell the robot he went to his friends house to study, the robot slaps him on the head. He tells his son "Son this is a lie detector robot and he knows when you are lying I suggest you tell the truth" So the son says he was watching a movie. The father asks about the movie and the son says it was a National Geographic movie, the robot promptly punches him in the lip. "Now son, you need to tell me the truth, what movie where you watching?" With tears in his eyes the son says "OK OK I was watching Vampire Vixens 2000!" "Now son why would you watch that?" When I was your age I would never have watched that kind of movie!" To that the robot gave him a swift upper cut. At this the wife laughs and says "Haha what would you expect? He is your son!" At this the robot walks across the table and delivers a round house kick to her head."

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