Oct 6, 2012

The $1 Coin

So a few weeks ago I need to spray some gunk out of the bed of my truck. I swung by the coin operated car wash place and stuck my $10 bill into the change machine. It spit out ten $1 coins. I only used six of them, so I threw the rest in my change holder in my truck.
A few days later I was at a drive thru and paid using those dollar coins... The young lady taking my money was complete confused by them. She asked if they were real money...
So I decided to do an experiment. I took out $50 in one dollar coins from the bank this morning. Some are the presidential one dollar coins, some are the Sacagawea dollar coins and a few are the old Susan B. Anthony dollar coins. I'm going to spend them over the next little bit and see what sort of reactions I get.
I've already spent $5 worth, but it was in a self-checkout line at the store...

Here's how they came from the bank:

Here's how they look in a pile:

 And here they are lined up across my dash:


Sonja said...

You'll have to give us updates on peoples reactions.

tbbotts said...

Yeah Todd, I want to know too. I guess I just figured they weren't in circulation any more. I wouldn't mind have a stack of the original silver dollars. Anyway, keep us posted.