Aug 2, 2011

The Journey: Gym People, Part 1

Going to the gym for a work out is an essential part of The Journey, but that doesn't mean I have to like it... To keep my mind off of the misery I'm putting myself through, I've begun to evaluate & categorize the people you'll find at the gym.

The Ghost: This is the person who signs up for a cardio machine but then NEVER actually shows up & uses it. And they always sign up for the good machines. I'm too much of a rule-follower to just hop on anyway. I'm afraid the gym police will show up...

Awkward Naked Guy: A certain amount of nakedness is required in the locker room, so I'm not being a prude. I'm talking about the guy over at the sink brushing his teeth in the buff. Or the three guys discussing politics while wearing nothing but a smile.

'Gave Into Peer Pressure' Chick: This is the slightly chubby, out of shape girl that's there with a couple of skinny, fit friends.  She has no desire to be at the gym. She's only there because she neglected to listen to Nancy Regan and just say no! She's easy to spot by the "what the heck am I doing here" look on her face.

The Butterfly: I don't know if they are ADHD or hopped up on energy drinks. But they go from the treadmill to the stretch area to the weights to the bike to the stair stepper. All in 5 minutes. They burn more calories in transition then they do working out.

The Chandler: If you've never seen "Friends" you probably won't get this reference... This is the guy that has signed up for the gym but this will be the one and only time he works out. He's signed up for the reoccurring payments directly drawn from his bank account. Four years from now he'll still being paying his monthly fee.

The Socialite: They aren't at the gym to work out. They are at the gym to hang out with people who work out. They can be a little hard to spot, because they are dressed in work out gear. But if you watch, they never actually work out.

There's more than just these five types, but we'll start with this... There's more to come, including Smelly Guy & the Fashion Diva.

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