Jul 29, 2011

Our Anniversary

Fifteen years & eight months ago today I was in Wasilla for the first time. I had driven through it headed from Fairbanks to Little Beaver Camp in Big Lake a few times. But this time I was here for a three day visit to decide if I was going to move here.

On that Wednesday night I attended my first service at Wasilla Assembly of God. Afterwards a bunch of us went to the Kashim Restaurant, which is now called Tailgaters. Among the group was Christy Lucus, who was to become my first wife. And yes, she's my only wife. I just like the reaction I get when I refer to her as the first wife...

A couple of months later, on January 12th, 1996 I made the move. I was attending a school of ministry at the church and very involved in the youth group as a leader. That August, we did a missions trip to Barrow. Christy & I were assigned to work together on VBS for kids. Up to this point we had just been friends. But while working together on that trip I begin to realize what an incredible, beautiful person she is.

I went directly from the Barrow trip to a summer camp in Kodiak. While there I realized how much I missed being with her. A couple of weeks after the Kodiak trip, I went back to Afognak Island to work in the timber industry for a few months. I was pretty broke and needed to earn some money.

I had made arrangements with Christy to check my mail while I was gone, which gave me a perfect excuse to call her often. On September 29th, 1996; 14 years and 10 months ago we decided this was more than just a friendship and we began dating.

Two years later, on September 29th, 1998 at Point Warzoff as the sun was setting behind a snow covered Mt. Susitna I proposed. To my great joy, she said yes.

Ten months later on July 31st, surrounded by friends & family we were married. This weekend we are celebrating 12 wonderful years of marriage.

Christy, I love you. Thanks for all the great times. There are many more ahead of us!

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Sonja said...

Happy Anniversary Todd and Christy!