Mar 23, 2010

So, Saturday we went Geocaching

And it was an AWESOME day. The weather was incredible. Some of these spring days in Alaska are unbelievable. There's still plenty of snow on the ground, so you have the winter wonderland thing going on. But, the sun is out more and more, and the temperatures are getting up into the high 30's, low 40's.

After a long winter, it's like the down payment on the promise of a beautiful summer. So, these days must be enjoyed to the fullest. No sitting on the couch. So, that's why after doing my Financial Peace class Saturday morning, and then a quick appointment with the tax lady, we headed out.

Our first two caches were in the Meadow Lakes area, off of Beverly Lakes Road. The first cache was located just 40 feet into the woods. After finding nothing in the first few minutes of searching, we decided to come back to it after the second cache. This one was about a half of a mile in on a small strip of land between two lakes. The best was to get to it was to got out on the frozen lake and walk down to were it was at, and then go up and grab it. Coming back to the first cache, we walked right up to it with no problems.

We then headed into Big Lake for a couple more. The first one was hidden inside of a culvert. It's a good thing the creek was frozen over. It made it way easier to get to. The next one was at Rocky Lake State Recreation area, a great swimming spot in the summer. Of course, this time of year, there was an oval track out on the ice for snow machine racing.

At this point we had just one more cache we were going to attempt. It was on the shore of Big Lake. But, when we got there, I realized the lake was still solidly frozen over. On the other side of Big Lake there's a cache I've been wanting to do forever. But, without a boat, you can't get to it. Well, when the water is frozen, you don't need no stinkin' boat. So, we got to hit it and come back and hit the other one.

Seriously, good day in the sun with my awesome wife!

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