Mar 9, 2010

Craziest Evening of My Life

Today was fairly normal... Got some snow, spent some time at the church, took Christy to work, (we weren't sure about her car in the snow) went to work, and did some grocery shopping on the way home. Normal. Nothing weird.
So we are sitting at home, watching Biggest Loser, trying to decide what would be good for a late dinner. We hear a bang and it sounds like it came from the garage. We look at each other quizzically and then get up to see what's wrong. A glance in the garage didn't seem to reveal the source of the noise, so we checked out a few more rooms. Coming back to the garage, Christy realizes our garage door is caved in. Not completely caved in, but the bottom two panels have a good 6 inch dent/crease in them.
I run out and the tracks in the snow tell the obvious story. Someone on a four wheeler came down our driveway and hit our garage door. Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!!
So I come in and grab my cell phone and call the police. Not 911, because it's not an emergency. Everyone should have the non-emergency dispatch number of their local police in their cell phones. While it's ringing, I shut the stove off; a move that will later be shown to be a wise one. I tell the dispatcher what happened, and she say's she'll have an officer contact me.
I go out and realize the four wheeler had a very distinct tire tread that can be tracked in the fresh snow. I holler back at Christy that I'm going to see if I can find them. I'm just in shorts and a T-shirt, but I don't plan on being out long. The air temperature is 12 degrees.
I follow the tracks down Stoneridge and onto Mack Road and follow them up as far as Sakai before I lose them. While I'm out there, a Wasilla PD officer calls me to get the details and says he'll come over. I head back to the house.
As I get close, I see that Christy is standing outside. She asks if I found anything, and then asks if I have house keys on me. The knob on our door can be locked, but still open from the inside and closed behind you, still locked. Christy had come out right behind me, not realizing I hadn't unlocked the door knob. And she closed the door behind her. Locking us out. In the cold.
Right then the officer shows up, takes a look at everything and decides to take a drive around the neighborhood. He offers to have dispatch call a locksmith for us. It's going to cost $117, but what choice do we have?
The officer swung back by a few minutes later and said it looks like the four wheeler had come down KGB and turned onto Mack and could be anywhere by now. He offered to let us wait in his patrol vehicle to stay warm, but my pride required me to say no thanks. I'm still in shorts and a T-shirt, Christy at least has a sweater on. And it's still 12 degrees. And snowing.
Total time outside: one hour. Cost to fix the garage door? We aren't sure yet. I'll have to call the garage door people tomorrow.
Why? I wish I knew. The officer asked if we'd had any problems with anyone in the neighborhood. We've only lived here a few months and only met one neighbor. It's a quiet, nice neighborhood. It looks like someone was out riding around and was going to use our driveway to turn around. Either they were going to fast, or couldn't get stopped on the ice underneath the snow. Regardless of why, it still stinks.
This is why it's vital to have an emergency fund...

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Tycen said...

Yes, because when I have problems with neighbors I always choose to ram non-essential portions of their dwelling with small vehicles. That is crazy! Homeowner's insurance should cover it though - I would imagine. Not sure how the agent is going to code that, though. "Let's, there it is: 945 - DCBUATV - Damage Caused by Unknown ATV."