Mar 10, 2010

A Crazy Night Update

It took us most the night to warm up after our hour outside in ten degree weather. This morning I headed to Pioneer Door to see about getting our door fixed. Darrell was very helpful and soon someone was headed to the house. An hour and $715 later our door is fixed. And, for an extra $50 bucks, I had them install a remote keypad outside that allows us to open the garage door. Now we can only get locked out if the power is out.
That is why having an emergency fund is vital to your financial health. Most Americans would be forced to put something like this on the credit card. The last thing this country needs right now is more debt!
Get on a written budget, live on less than you make and get some money in the bank for an emergency. Once you have a $1000 saved up, get crazy about paying off all debt and not getting anymore debt. Then save up three to six months of expenses.
Imagine how it would feel to know that if an emergency happen, you'd be ready for it. You can be, but it's not going to happen by accident.

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