Feb 11, 2010

Survivor is on...

and the current wife is stamping with her mom, so I thought this would be a good time to do a blog post. And of course as soon as I got comfortable the load of laundry I put in earlier got done. Up until a few months ago a load of laundry being done wouldn't be a big deal. But, that was before we moved into the new house. And got a new washer & dryer. The ones at the apartment belonged to the church. The new ones are fancy front loaders. When a load gets done, the machine starts beeping. Loud and continuously It's highly annoying. So, when the load is done, you have no choice but to get up and deal with it. Oh well, it's not like getting up is going to kill me.

During Christmas, I got a Visa Gift Card from someone. Money tends to burn a hole in my pocket, so I set about spending it as quickly as I could. The next weekend we were in Anchorage and swung by Bed, Bath & Beyond. I've been thinking about a pressure cooker every since I saw some cooking shows use them.

So, while we were there, I took a look. The had a eight quart Fagor Rapida model that was the exact price of what I had on the card. It was like a match made in heaven. Or at least in the cookware aisle. Bye bye prepaid Visa Gift Card. Our time together was short, but worthwile.

So, I am the proud owner of a pressure cooker. It's a beautiful thing. Pressure cookers of old could be dangerous things and were prone to explode if not carefully regulated. But modern progress has eliminated that nasty habit.

It's pretty simple to use. Just put the stuff in, put on the lid and crank up the heat. Once the pressure is up to 15 psi and the regulator is spitting steam, you just back off the heat and let it do it's thing.

And that's the great part. It cooks FAST. I did 5 pounds of potatoes in 10 minutes. I did pork ribs to pull apart tender in 45 minutes. A roast is done in 30 minutes. It's crazy. In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit it does take a few minutes to come to pressure and several more minutes to release the pressure when you are done. But still, it's a lot quicker than any other method, and the food is awesome!


ORStafford said...

I was leaving a comment, but I think it went to you as email. Really need to figure this thing out. I really need to check the pressure cooking out. especially for roasts.

larrylease said...

can't believe you moved out from the apartment, i got some great memories of that apartment. What's going to happen to it? Great blog.