Feb 26, 2010

Here We Go Again...

Tomorrow morning (Saturday, February 27th) at 9am I embark on another 13 week journey with Financial Peace University. The crazy thing is that I'm only eight weeks into a class that is meeting on Monday nights. And these last two weeks I've been meeting with the Master's twice a week and teaching them the Financial Peace concepts. So I've been doing 8 hours of week of this stuff.
You'd think that I would be all Dave'd out, but I'm not. His teaching style is fun to watch. The stuff he is teaching is simple enough that anyone can get it; but deep enough that every time I see it I get something new out of it.
I believe in these concepts that he teaches. And it's not something that Dave alone came up with. Most of it is common sense, based on God's word. The math is simple... Every dime you pay in interest on a debt is money that is not earning you interest on an investment. If you spend more than you make, you WILL be broke.
Let me say that again: If you spend more than you earn, you WILL be broke! I am amazed at the people who complain about not having money, and are jealous of those who do, but then the moment they get $100, they go out and spend $125. It's insane that people could be that stupid.
Okay... Rant over. But the point is valid.
So, here's the deal. If you are local (Mat-Su Valley) you need to be a part of the class. If you live anywhere else, go to Dave's website, put in your zip code, and find a class in your area. Sign up and do it.
Yeah, I know it's $100. But, average that over the 91 days of the course, and you are looking at a little more than a dollar a day. Cut out your coffee, or soda or stop super sizing your value meal.
If I told you that I had a '69 Camaro SS for sell for $100, you'd find a way to get the money. Well, if you'll get these concepts and apply them, it'll bring you to the point where you can buy any car you want.
But, it's NOT get rich quick. It's get rich slowly. And it's not even about getting rich. It's about winning with money. How would it feel to not worry about making your bills? To not worry about money fights?
57% of all divorces in America list money issues as the number one reason for the break up. 57%! Want a better marriage? Want an awesome marriage? Do the class!
Do something that will change your life... Only you can decide for you...

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ORStafford said...

a very convincing statement. Thank you for all your hard work and time in reaching and teaching a way to live life with less stress which releases us from the strings that may be keep us from leading the life God has for us. You & Chrsity and Tycen & Sonja really opened our eyes with your willingness to teach and live these principals. You can learn something from your children.