Feb 4, 2010

I'm a lousy blogger...

I have good intentions... I do. In a perfect world, I'd do 4 to 5 posts a week of witty and entertaining thoughts that are thought provoking. Maybe even life changing for some.

I don't think it's because I'm lazy, even though I kinda am. I do get some great thoughts. Some of them I Twitter, and some I put into Facebook posts. Others linger in my brain for a few moments, and then are lost forever.

And the reality is, I don't think anyone even reads this thing. I think I got it figured out so that my posts here show up on Twitter & Facebook, but that doesn't mean anyone is going to read it.

Let's face it: there are millions of blogs out there. It's like with worship CD's. A decade ago, a decent worship CD would set the world on fire, and everyone rushed out to buy it. Now, the worship "market" is so saturated. And with iTunes, does anyone actually buy CD's anymore? I haven't bought one in years. Seriously, years.

And, I follow some great blogs. There's no way I could ever write like those guys. My favorites? Stuff Christians Like has great satire. Love that. Thomas Stanley is teaching what America needs to hear when it comes to what we do with money. Seth Godin is just a genius.

When we were building the house, I was updating the pictures on here as well as Facebook. By the way, we are LOVIN' the house. I thank God for the time in the church apartment, but those days are over, and I'm loving the house. We aren't completely unpacked and probably won't be for months. We got unpacked enough to be living here, so we kinda lost the motivation to finish it off. Oh well, it'll give us something to do for a while.

I suppose my introspection tonight is brought on by the Percocet I'm taking for the pain following a pulled tooth. I went too many years with out dealing with a captivity and it went past the point of no return. A root canal was $2000 and pulling it was $200. Bye bye tooth. Dr. McLean gave a prescription for Percocet, and there's a lot of them in there. I should sell the extra and come out money ahead...

Okay... Enough rambling. Not that I really said anything worthwhile anyway. I should do a post about the Financial Peace University classes I'm coordinating right now. I'm pretty excited about what's happening there. I could also do a post on some of my new cookware toys. Well, we'll see if I keep with it or not.

Have a good night.

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