Aug 31, 2007


We made it back to Dallas... Yesterday we went to Houston. Our purpose when we set out was to go all over town shopping. We did a detour to the Johnson Space Center, and wound up doing 5 hours there. I've now been to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Next stop is space...
So we were afraid we goofed up and lost our shopping time. Just a little further down the highway, we found all the stores we were looking in one spot, and Christy got most of what she was looking for. Yea!!
So, we did the rehearsal in the 100 degree heat. I don't believe I've ever sweat that much before. The back of my fingers were sweating. And tomorrow I get to do it in a black tux. Kill me... Kill me now. Oh well, Matt and Adina are worth it.

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