May 25, 2013

Another Walk Around Johnson Lake

 Spring has finally hit Southcentral Alaska and I celebrated with a walk on the Johnson Lake Loop Trail in the UAF Farm Fields. This is not the first time I've posted about this walk. It's an easy 3 mile walk with plenty of great views.
The first part of the walk is through the farms working area, so just remember to respect their stuff.
Our journey did not go unnoticed by the local residents.They didn't seem to approve of us interrupting their evening. Fortunately I wasn't worried about the opinion of creature that would one day be someone's hamburger.
Zao on the other had was very concerned. He looked at these smelly, hairy creatures walking around mud and their own filth and wondered who was the first person that thought grilling one them up would be a good thing. His dad, Matt, however has had his fair share of tasty dead cow and knows how delightful it is...
It's calving season and we just missed this little guy being born. It's mom was still giving a good licking and it was trying to get up on it's feet.
Speaking of animals that taste good when they are dead, there was also these reindeer. They were pretty amped up for some reason and spent all their time running back and forth.
Now that spring has sprung I'll be getting out and enjoying all that Alaska has to offer. Stayed tuned for more...

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