Nov 6, 2012

Johnson Lake Loop

Another hike that I like is the Johnson Lake Loop in the UAF Experiment Farm portion of the MatSu Greenbelt trails. The hike winds up being a couple of miles and is easy walking.

For more info on the Matsu Greenbelt Trails and to download maps, visit their website here...

To access the trail, park at Kerttula Hall. To the north of the building you'll see the trail head sign and map. The first part of your journey will be going through the farm's working area. Please stay out of the barns and avoid any moving equipment.

Here are the pictures (you can click on them to enlarge):

The Chugiak Mountains to the South
This picture was taken a week before the one above. Notice how much the grass greened up in a week.
This fields are part of the University of Alaska Experiment Farm.
They actively work these fields, so stay on the paths.
Pioneer Peak in the distance.
Some of the trail is through the woods.

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tbbotts said...

Great pictures Todd. Obviously you took them back in the summer. I see that you can't fish in the lake for some reason. Maybe they don't want to have to deal with the mess that people might leave behind. Are there moose on this trail also? It appears that you do a lot of walking- good for you.