Jan 28, 2013

Turnagain Arm in Winter

 It was a beautiful, clear day here in Southcentral Alaska. But it was cold... Very cold. It was about zero degrees at the warmest, and at times dropped as cold as -20 degrees. And once we got along the Turnagain Arm south of Anchorage the winds were howling.
We were of course geocaching. We hit 8 today.
 The Seward Highway along the Turnagain Arm is a National Scenic Bywater, and well worthy of that designation. The drive along here is one of my favorites.
I had planned on taking a lot more photos, but the brisk weather put a damper on things....

 This is looking south past the train tracks across the Turnagian Arm to the Chugach Mountains on the Kenai Peninsula.
 We spotted a half dozen of these dall sheep on the rocks above the highway. The lines in the photo are power lines that were between us & the sheep.
 The sunset was amazing...

 The tail end of a train that passed us... By the time I got the camera onto the proper setting it was almost gone around the corner.
 The Alaska Range on the other side of the Cook Inlet...

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tbbotts said...

What beautiful photos Todd. You're a lot tougher than me to be out in that weather. We ended up being in a blizzard last night and went from almost bare ground to about six inches of snow and about 5 degrees outside. Here I was starting to think about fishing again. I guess it was time for a reality check.