Nov 10, 2012

Last Winter's Snow

I was going through the pictures on my iPhone and realized I had quite a few showing the vasts amounts of snow that we got last winter. So far this year we've only had an inch or so that quickly blew away.

I love this view of the snow on the trees. Usually the wind blows so much in the Valley that this doesn't happen.
The wife hiding in the trees.
The bridge across the Wasilla Creek on the Palmer Hay Flats.
Near the UAF Experiment Farm off of the Glenn Highway
A moose calf walking through the parking lot at work
Our deck after a snowfall.
The snow berm that built up from me shoveling the driveway.
The morning sunrise through the trees off of our deck.
The Old Glenn Highway bridge over the Matanuska River
I believe this is Matanuska Peak.
Ice along the Matanuska River

Snow along the Little Susitna River.
Looking up into Hatcher's Pass
Standing at the Scout Ridge Overlook looking out over the Palmer Hay Flats and the Chugiak Mountains beyond.

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tbbotts said...

These are beautiful pictures Todd, made all the better by the fact that they weren't taken here in Hoonah!