May 30, 2012

Pink Ladys...

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away... Which explains why most apple orchard fires are started by physicians.

When I was a teen I went to a summer camp in the Yukon Territory, Canada. They had some Red Delicious apples there that were the best I've ever tasted.

I like my apples to be very crisp with the right balance of tart & sweet. And since time traveling back to 1990 isn't possible (yet), my choice for apples is the Pink Lady variety, pictured here to the right.

I should warn you though... They ain't cheap. In fact they are usually the most expensive choice. And you can't find them year round. But when you can, they are worth the cost.

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tbbotts said...

I don't eat very many apples myself. Of course if I had more teeth I might, but even so, when I do eat them I kind of like a fuji. The only pink ladies I've ever heard of were the diving planes used for fishing to make the line go deeper. Learn something new every day.