Mar 20, 2012

Fat People Clothes

My blog readership got a nice little bump last week... I reposted a rant from Dave Ramsey on student loans and somehow it comes up as the top search result if you are using Google. It's amazing how the internet can work.

And then it's amazing when stuff that should be obvious isn't. Take fat people clothing for example. According to all the studies & fear-mongering news reports America is faced with an obesity epidemic. Everyone is fat apparently. So why then can't we buy some decent fat people clothes at a decent price?!?

You skinny people are probably not aware of what us chubby people have in clothing options. We can either buy cheap, ugly clothes or nice looking, overpriced clothes. There's no middle ground.

Granted, I expect to pay a little more for my clothes considering they do have more raw materials in them. But a pair of Levi's that would go for $40 bucks at a normal store will cost you almost $100 at a "Big & Tall" store.

Fred Meyers & JC Pennies do a decent job of stocking our clothes. Kohl's & Sears do not. Walmart is hit or miss.

So if anyone is looking to become a millionaire in a down economy, open a store that sells fashionable fat people clothes at a price that doesn't require financing for a pair of socks.


Anonymous said...

And the other gripe from me is just because you wear a larger size does not mean you are 6 ft tall and have arms the twice the length.

tbbotts said...

However, if you aren't able to open a store perhaps you could open a bank to finance the socks and underwear that larger people need? Thanks for the eye opening report Todd.