Nov 26, 2010

Keep the Driveway Shoveled...

Having the heart of a teacher, I look for lessons in everyday experiences.

And today I saw a teachable moment as I was shoveling our driveway after a fresh snow.

I try to shovel the snow off before anyone drives or walks on it. If not, the snow gets compacted into a dense ice. Now, for most parts of the country, that's not a big deal. In a few weeks the weather warms up and it all melts.

But, here in Alaska we still have a whole lot of winter ahead of us. If I don't stay on top of keeping the driveway clear, by spring we'll have a mess of thick ice.

In life, whether we like it or not, sometimes we get dumped on. Instead of snow though, it's things like anger, hurt, disappointment's, unforgiveness, and bitterness. When it happens, we have two choices. We can either deal with it quickly and shovel it out of the driveways of our life; or we can let it build up and build up. And if we don't deal with it quickly, it will build up into a thick, hard mess.

That's why the bible says to deal with anger quickly (Ephesians 4.26) and to make things right with others (Matthew 5.23-24).

Life happens. Deal with things as they happen. Ignoring them will not make it go away.

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