Nov 20, 2010

Act Your Wage!

Thomas Stanley in his epic codex "Stop Acting Rich" shows that far too many Americans are striving to live far above their means. We think that in having all the "stuff" we obtain a measure of wealth. In reality, those who are truly wealthy are so because they live far below their means. They live on less than they make and the excess is saved.

Multiple studies show us that in America today 7 in 10 homes in any given neighborhood struggle to live paycheck to paycheck. If you live in a "nice" neighborhood that number is more like 8 in 10.

It seems that when I was a kid, if you were poor it meant your family didn't have a nice car, a nice home, a TV and all the toys because money had to spent on food and heat and keeping the lights on. Today, poor seems to mean we don't have food, heat or lights because we have a nice car, a nice home, a couple of TVs and all the toys.

We think that in having all the "stuff" we will find happiness. But, the simple truth is this: Quality of life is not wrapped up in what you have, but in what you do with what you have.

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