Sep 16, 2010

Wilderness Blues

I want to make a recommendation for a great blog. It's Wilderness Blues, by Tom Botts.

Tom is the father of a friend of mine when I was growing up in Hoonah. He's a great guy, and turns out he's a pretty good writer too.

I've enjoyed his blog. Not only does it give a window into life in Hoonah, he's funny.

Tom is a published author. I hear great things about his book, but have not read it yet. A certain person keeps promising to loan it to me so I can read it, but they've yet to deliver on the promise. You know who you are...

His latest post proposes a new diet that could be the newest weight loss fad. And his idea of the Taco Bell apron is genius... pure genius.

Thanks Tom for the fun. Keep it up!

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Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Todd, thanks for commenting on my blog, even if your name was not randomly pulled for the raffle. To answer your question a couple of posts back, the answer to reviving Christianity in America, you're right, lies in none of the things you mentioned. It depends on our acknowledgement of our need for grace and being remade by that grace.