Sep 10, 2010

Despite my claims to become more consistent in my blogging, this is the first post in a while, and I'm really only posting so I can get this image on a website so I can link to it in a forum post.
There's quite a bit of stuff I could be blogging about... My parents came up this summer and we spent some time exploring Alaska with a trip to Valdez. My nephew & niece are both here locally now, so we spent a weekend with them and took them to the fair.
I've started another round of the Financial Peace class and this weekend I get to share on personal finance at a young adult retreat.
So, there's plenty I could talk about. Lack of content is not the issue. Lack of time has a lot to do with it. And lack of an audience. I'm pretty sure my mom (hi mom...) is the only one that actually reads this. And let's face it, she's my mom. She pretty much has to read it.


lmllease said...

i read it too. it's interesting.

Darlene said...

no I like to read your b log!

Mom said...

you are right, I do read it. It is great to read and gives me insight to your thoughts. Thanks for the posts!

Frances said...

Nope your wrong, I read your blog, i enjoy the way you write and share your stories. I get happy when I see you have a new blog posting hehehe and that says a lot cause i don't really enjoy reading very much.

tbbotts said...

Hi Todd, thanks so much for your kind words. It's rewarding to hear from folks who have read the blog- especially if they enjoy it. I didn't realize that I had to set up a google account just to leave a comment. Oh well, I just did so guess I can comment away. Contact me at with your mailing address and I'll send you a complimentary copy of the book. Please keep Jen in your prayers- she has been really shaken by the death of the two policemen. She knew them both well. Take care, God bless!