Sep 25, 2009

House Progress 9-25-09

It was raining pretty good today, so they didn't get the shingles on. They did do some of the detail work on the inside, and cleaned up most of the scrap lumber.
The shingles are going to be delivered tomorrow. The builder stopped by while we were there. He said they are going to pave the driveway as soon as possible to beat the weather. He said in another 2 1/2 we'll have plumbing, electrical, duct work, painting and the garage slab and doors done. Then he said another 10 days after that to finish up all the details. So, he's saying 4 more weeks. "No problem." Man, I love that guy!
We met with the mortgage lady yesterday to sign another stack of papers. Apparently, according to my credit report, I opened a Wal-Mart charge account in 1975. Pretty good, since I was ONE at the time. But, they said it won't mess up the process. Now we just have to watch the interest rate, and when we think we are 30 days out, lock it in on a day that looks good. It's been between 5.000 and 5.250. We are hoping for 4.875, but 5.000 isn't shabby either.
So, it's still moving along. We are pretty excited. But, we have got to start packing up all of our junk. That part is going to suck.


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