May 3, 2007

An update from our Summit...

We are still on our Summit. It's been pretty intense... We've been meeting almost non-stop, talking about the church, and mapping out the future. We can see that we are weak in the area of discipleship and equipping believers for real ministry. One of the reasons we are here is to connect with a church that has an incredible program. They have given us a ton of time and material and have been a real blessing to us.
We came to Florida because it was the cheapest way to go. We had enough air miles for the tickects and Pastor Ed has a hook up at a hotel in Vero Beach.
The first day we were here we took a quick dip in the ocean, and my glasses got knocked off and were gone... The quickest way to see again was to go to Wal-Mart and get contacts. I haven't worn contacts in about 13 years.
The second day we did our talking in the ocean, and was in there for about 3 hours. Too bad I have the worlds fairest skin, and got sun burnt like crazy!! Right now it's in it's blister stage, and my back and shoulders are covered in them. I am in mass pain...
Yes, I am an idiot.

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