Jul 5, 2014

Goose Creek Correctional Center

An update: Ministry out at Goose Creek Correctional Center continues to go well.
It's been almost a year since I started volunteering out at GCCC and I am 1/3 of the way into my fourth round of teaching the Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. The classroom I use only holds about 22 guys, so we have to limit each class to that. I continue to get great feedback from the inmates on the impact of the class. An inmate told me the other day he's managed to save up $200 in his commissary account to help him get started when he gets released. And that's at a prison job where he makes 55 cents an hour.
I've taught two, 12 week sessions of John Bevere's Bait of Satan curriculum, which teaches how to deal with hurt, bitterness and unforgiveness. It's a great class, and the men have enjoyed it, but I've taken a break from teaching it during the summer. I'm not entirely sure I'll start it back up again in the fall. I'm trying to keep my schedule a little more in balance to avoid burnout.
I'm continuing to host the Friday night God Behind Bars video service. We have 80 to 100 inmates that come each week. This service is one several that is offered at GCCC for the general population. There's also a Sunday afternoon service, a Wednesday night service and a Thursday afternoon service. Each service has it's own feel. My Friday night God Behind Bars service is very contemporary. The Sunday afternoon service is more traditional. The Wednesday night service is more charismatic and the Thursday afternoon service is more of an in-depth teaching time. Each service attracts it's own group. If you got all the believers together at one time, you'd have around 350 inmates there.
Last weekend we had our first baptism service at Goose Creek. Chaplain Lewis had been working on getting a portable baptism tank and came across on old one at the old nearby Pt. MacKenzie Prison Farm. A little TLC got it back into action. We announced the baptism in all service and had 16 men step out in obedience and take the plunge. It was a great service of celebration!!
If you are local, I'm always looking to recruit some volunteers for the Friday night God Behind Bars service. Up until 3 weeks ago, it was just me. But I've another gentleman who is wanting to minister who has been coming. If you want get involved, there's a basic background check and a one evening orientation class.
And my stack of workbooks for the Financial Peace class is starting to get low. If you'd like to donate towards that, the details are here...

Thank you to all who have been supporting this effort with your donations, prayers and encouragement.

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