Sep 1, 2013

FPU @ GCCC Update

I'm way overdue for giving you an update on Financial Peace University at Goose Creek Correctional Center.

Good things are happening! I had one gentlemen tell me on Friday that being in the class is the highlight of his week. Another gentleman said he is amazed at how many things he's learned in the class and he believes it's stuff he'll be able to use when he gets out.

I've also had two different inmates on Friday who told me they wanted to be in the class this time around, but couldn't. They were worried that the class was just being offered one time. I assured them that class would offered again, and they'd get their chance to be a part. Apparently the class has a good reputation among the inmates.

This week I will be participating in a meeting with the chaplains and other teachers involved in the Faith Wing to discuss upcoming classes and curriculum. Each man in the Faith Wing is in prison because of bad choices they made. But in teaching this class, I see the light bulbs going off in the minds. They are grabbing the biblical principles that God gave for managing money. It's principles that will be an important component to their future success.

So far we've covered the basics budgeting, the importance of saving for emergencies, the dangers of debt, getting out of debt, dealing with collectors, understanding your credit score, and how our own unique personality style affects how we deal with money. Coming up we'll cover insurance, investing, real estate, jobs & careers and the final lesson, The Great Misunderstanding.

Again, I want to thank all of you that have supported me in this effort. I absolutely could not have done this without you. Each week, each inmate in the class take time to thank me for coming out there. In fact, I often have inmates who are not in the class come in and and thank me for coming out. But it's not just me they are saying thank you to. It's also to you.

One of the views I get to enjoy on the drive out to Goose Creek Correctional Center

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