Mar 16, 2013

You're Doing It Wrong

I've spent the first little bit of my Saturday morning reading through the various posts on my Facebook feed and I feel lower than a dwarf snake's belly. Apparently I'm eating wrong, exercising wrong, praying wrong, giving to the wrong things, reading the Bible wrong, living wrong and raising my kids wrong. Except I don't have kids and apparently that's wrong too.
Maybe that's why Joel Osteen is so popular.... Sure he's annoying but at least he's encouraging.
You want to change someone's world? Tell them they are doing something right. Speak hope to them. There's enough voices telling them how horrible they are. And the loudest one is inside their head.


Anonymous said...

You are doing it right. Loving your wife and family. Doing what you can to help others. And most important, you love and live to serve God and try to follow the steps He has layed out for you. You guys are loved and appreciated by many for the testimony you live.

tbbotts said...

Hey Todd- there's no shortage of negative in this world that's for sure. I believe the word calls Satan the accuser of the bretheren for good reason. Sometimes we need to hear that we've messed up, but if it comes from God we won't feel like there's no hope. He's not going to leave us without a way to correct our mistakes and for certain he cwill always forgive us. I've been where you were more than a few times, but regardless, the sun always rises the next day and God's mercies are new every morning.