Sep 21, 2012

Unleash!: Breaking Free from Normalcy

My 3rd post from our Denali National Park trip is scheduled to post tomorrow, but I wanted to interrupt to make a recommendation for a new book that just came out this week.

It's titled "Unleash: Breaking Free From Normalcy" and written by Perry Noble. It's available in bookstores, on Amazon (link) or at .

I'm only part way through the book, but I'm already really enjoying it. Here's an excerpt from what I was reading last night:
When I finally began to understand and embrace grace in its true form, it didn’t give me a free pass to live carelessly and use grace as an excuse to sin. Rather, it motivated me to surrender every aspect of my life to God, because I’d never been loved and accepted that way—by anyone! Embracing this God-focused mind-set completely revolutionized my life. As a result, I began to read the Bible not because I felt I had to in order to win God’s approval but rather because I wanted to know more about the God who loved me unconditionally. I began to pray not because I felt guilty if I didn’t but because I wanted to connect with the God who had gone out of His way to connect with me. These practices were no longer duties for me; they were delights.

I'm looking forward to getting further into this book over the next few weeks as I get time to read it....

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tbbotts said...

Hey Todd- As I mentioned in a previous post, it looks like a good book. I'm reading one by Mitch Albom right now. It's called Have a Little Faith. He's quite an accomplished writer with three books on the NY Times best sellers list.For this true book, his rabbi has asked Mitch to give his eulogy when the rabbi dies. The book is profound. They rabbi is pretty astounding too.
Jan and I really enjoyed the pictures you posted of Denali. We were there years ago in May. Perhaps we'll make it up there again some day.