Jul 31, 2012

My Anniversary: Thirteen Years of Bliss

Today Christy and I celebrate thirteen years of being happily married.

Well... I celebrate 13 years of happiness. For Christy I'm sure it's been 13 years of reminding herself that murder is illegal and generally frowned upon in our society. Plus it would be hard to effectively hide a body as large as mine. Seriously... she spends a lot of time watching those true murder mystery shows where the spouse bumps off their partner. I've learned to sleep with one eye open and check my brake lines before leaving the garage.

We live in a world where over 50% of all marriages end in divorce. So how have we made it 1/8 of a century? Simple. We've learn that we can either battle each other, or battle together whatever we are facing. Your spouse can be your best ally or your worst enemy. It's usually one or the other though.

About a year before we were married, Christy had a discussion with Kim Baker, who is the wife of the Youth Pastor we were serving under at the time. She shared that love is not just a feeling that comes and goes, but a choice to made each day. So each day we choose to not be selfish and love the other, no matter what.

So to my wife: I love you and thank God for each and every day that we are together. I'll try my best to make the next 13 years even better than the first 13 years. You are an amazing woman and I am truly blessed to be able to call you mine.

And to my other readers (both of you...): If you are looking for some good teachings on marriage, I'd like to suggest some great messages from Newspring Church (click here...).


Anonymous said...

great post! Marriage and love is always a work in progress. But oh the fun and adventure we can make it. Love Ya, Mom

tbbotts said...

HI Todd- Congratulations. Jan and I celebrated 40 years on March 24.
I agree with your mom- marriage is a work in progress. It's not always fun, but I can't imagine having to go through life without Jan. Good post buddy!