Feb 4, 2012

Looking for Doc Brown ~ Part 2

In my last post I explored what 38 year old me would say to 18 year old me if I could go back 20 years. Obviously that's not possible... What is possible, and incredible productive, is to ask myself this: What would 58 year old me say to 38 year old me if he could come back 20 years?

Obviously I can't go back. And 58 year old me won't be able to either, unless science finally gets off its lazy butt & invents something useful like a time machine. Or a robot butler. Man, that would be so cool... You could give it a snarky British accent and it could bring you stuff.

Okay, forget the robot butler & time machine. What would 58 year old me say to 38 year old me? I'm sure he'd hammer home the need to get my weight down. And yes, I'm working on it. Granted I'm not putting as much effort into as I have in the past, but at least I'm doing something. I was going to mention this in it's own post, but I've cut out potato chips. For me that's a big deal. I love me some potato chips! I can down a bag in one evening easily. And despite the fact that potato chips are made out of a vegetable, they are not healthy for you.

You know... I don't have an answer for what 58 year old me would say to 38 year old me... When I was thinking about what 38 year old me would say to 18 year old me, I came up with those three things in seconds. But I'm not sure what 58 year old me would say to 38 year old me. Is there an opportunity I need to pursue? Is there a change in location or vocation that would benefit me? What do I do with this desire to be in full time ministry? Is there someone I should be investing into in?

Hindsight is 20/20 but my foresight is much less clear.

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tbbotts said...

HI Todd-
Well, I'm rapidly approaching 60 so 58 has come and gone for me. I wish I had some great advice to give. I imagine I would have done some things different, I suppose we all would have, but you can't dwell on what might have been or what might be. Daren Lindley the evangelist is here. He always brings such a positive message. I think that he would tell you that God not only loves you, He likes you. He wants the absolute best for you. Remember Jerimiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you" says the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future." We need to keep that in mind, whether we're fat or thin, rich or poor, living here or there, He is our biggest cheerleader. Just love Him and let Him lead you and if you mess up, it's gonna be ok. He's the God that redeems. Have a great day pal.