Jun 7, 2011

The Journey: Don't ruin the bag

Here's an update on the Journey... It's a week into June and I've only worked out a few times since getting back from vacation. In the constant struggle between what I should do and what I do do, being fat is winning the battle.

I had gotten down to 316. Then when I stalled out, I went up to 319. I'm back down to 316. So I'm holding steady, which is pretty amazing considering the crap I've been shoveling down my throat. I think one of life's biggest injustices is the fact that junk food tastes so amazing while healthy food... well, we all know how healthy food tastes.

I've gotten inconsistent in my blogging again because of the lack of progress. Good news we shout from the mountain tops. Bad news we try and ignore and hope it'll go away. But it doesn't... It's like the time I was in Anchorage for Youth Convention. I was leading the youth group at the time, and we were staying at a hotel while attending the weekend event.

In the evening, after service, we'd swing by the store & everyone would buy some food to eat back at the hotel. I bought some crackers & a pack of lunch meat. When I got to the hotel, I realized the lunch meat's packaging had been torn & was no longer sealed. I didn't want to eat tainted meat, so I threw it in my bag with the receipt so I could go get my money back the next day.

Only I forgot it was there. I came home from the event, pulled out my clothes & threw the bag back into the far back of a deep closet that we didn't get into very often. A year & a half later my wife decides to go through the closet. As she digs deeper & deeper, there's an odor that gets stronger & stronger. It smells like a skunk ate poo and then died and decomposed. It was wretched.

The meat had mummified long ago, but it's rotting order had infused itself into the bag. And it was a really nice bag. Christy did her best to get to the stank out, but it wasn't happening. We finally had to throw the thing in the dumpster.

So if you are own a Journey of your own, don't just ignore the stuff you don't want to deal with. It's not going to get any better. And you'll ruin your favorite bag.


Norman Lindsay said...

Yes, as i noted a couple of days ago in my blog, progress can be imperceptably slow at times. You may be the only person who would notice the improvement. And, yes, sometimes I can't even notice any improvement myself. That is when I have to lean heavily upon the Lord. Sometimes, my will isn't enough. I need the Lord's will to carry me through. I hear myself saying, "Not my will, Your will be done." Has a familiar ring to it, eh?

Darlene said...

Todd keep on! I really like how transparent you are being with your journey...specially this last post.

It is a hard up hill journey for some of us...wish it wasn't so. Praying for you as you continue.