Jan 1, 2011

Ironic, Isn't It? Part One.

I"m a huge fan of Uncle John's Bathroom Readers. They are full of articles on history, science, pop culture and other assorted stuff. All pure brain candy...
This will be the first of a series of short posts from an article in the "Heavy Duty Bathroom Reader."

"A 2010 Indiana University study found that anti-drinking commercials that use scare tactics tend to bring out "feelings so unpleasant that alcoholics are compelled to eliminate them by whatever means possible." According to the study's respondents, they cope by drinking. Result: "Alcoholics actually drink more that if they hadn't been exposed to the ads in the first place." "

Anyone that has ever inhaled a gallon of Rocky Road ice cream while watching the Biggest Loser finds this as no surprise.

The lesson for leaders/teachers/preachers: Guilt & scare tactics are not effective motivators.

The lesson for the rest of us: Know what triggers your bad behaviors and be prepared to react differently.

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tbbotts said...

Hmm... I guess I better leave the bathroom reader at the library. I have a hard enought time being productive during the typical day- if I started reading on the john I'd never get anything done. Interesting article though. I'll just follow along and glean whatever you post. I don't have a computer in the bathroom so I might be safe.